Our Direction

At Beechworth Health Service we plan with the community, for the community.

Thriving Beyond Surviving

Planning to thrive involves remaining focused on a commitment to the local community to give effect to a number of key planning principles, identified through the Beechworth Health Service - Service Plan (2017-2022).

These principles provided Beechworth Health Service with its Strategic Plan (2023-2026) and are as follows:

  • Prioritise services and activities that help people to maintain their independence.
  • Engage with people living in Beechworth and surrounding communities, to understand their priorities and advocate for better health outcomes for them.
  • Maintain a focus on consumer needs and interests at all times.
  • Work in partnership with health service providers to ensure residents of Beechworth and surrounding communities have access to the health services they need.


Beechworth Health Service has achieved current compliance with the Department of Health and Human Services mandated purchasing requirements through Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV). BHS is also committed to strategically aligning our social procurement and asset management frameworks to inform contract negotiations, capital purchases and building works.

Beechworth Health Service engages with suppliers that are adaptable and innovative, who take accountability, and who can help deliver real and lasting value.To effectively and efficiently procure goods and services across the organisation to obtain the best value for money and economies of scale the BHS procurement activity plan is aligned to its priorities and strategies.

When sourcing goods and services from the market, Beechworth Health Service is committed to open, fair, and transparent sourcing processes.

The annual 'Procurement Activity Plan' provides a summary of the major procurement activities in the non-salary area of organisational expenditure and provides potential suppliers advance knowledge of the likely procurements in this financial year.

The annual 'Procurement Activity Plan' will be reviewed and updated as required, based on the best information available at the time of publication.

Quality & Safety

We want the community, consumers and carers to be informed about safety and quality performance at Beechworth Health Service.

Quality and safety data is displayed on pin boards throughout Beechworth Health Service.
You can see a summary of quality and safety data in our annual Quality Account Calendar. You can pick up a Quality Account Calendar from reception

If you would like to know more about quality and safety at Beechworth Health Service you are welcome to talk to the Director Excellence & Innovation, simply call reception on 03 5728 0200.

Gender Equality

Under the Act, Beechworth Health Service is a defined entity and therefore must use the workplace gender audit to assess the state and nature of gender inequality in the workplace as at 30 June in the Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP) reporting year (s11). The first reporting year is 2021. BHS can proudly report that we have met all reporting deadlines and have submitted Gender Impact Assessments for all new services – most of which relate to COVID-19 clinics. We have submitted our GEAP which is currently being reviewed for compliance by the Commission. The data collected has shown BHS is in a great position with equality and can report that there have been no instances of inequality identified for any person.


Accreditation programs ensure that Beechworth Health Service meets a minimum set of care standards. Beechworth Health Service has four clinical services that require successful accreditation every three years in order to remain in operation as a care provider.

Residential Aged Care

The Acacias and Stringybark Lodge were assessed for Residential Aged Care Accreditation in September 2017 and continue to provide care, meeting and exceeding these standards.

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission conducted an unannounced partial audit in November 2018 and again found all standards satisfactorily met. The accreditation report can be found at on the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission website. 

New Residential Aged Care Standards came into effect in July 2019.

Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

National Safety & Quality Healthcare Standards

In September 2019, the Acute Unit and Primary Health were assessed by external surveyors as meeting all of the eight, 2nd Edition National Safety and Quality and Health Service Standards.

2nd Edition National Safety and Quality and Health Service Standards

Home Support

The home support services provided by Beechworth Health Service Community Health were accredited following a survey by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission in 2018.

As with the Aged Care program and the Acute Unit, the Home Support Services are currently in preparation for accreditation survey against new standards. While the timing of the next survey is not yet determined Beechworth Health Service is preparing to be ready against an ‘earliest possible’ date in September 2020.

Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Beechworth Health Service is a registered NDIS provider. We are currently preparing to be assessed for compliance with the NDIS Practice Standards.

NDIS Practice Standards