Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Beechworth Health Service do?

    We provide:

    • Urgent care
    • Twelve Acute inpatient beds
    • Sixty residential aged care beds
    • Allied health - physiotherapy, speech pathology for children up to aged six, dietetics, diabetes education, occupational therapy and podiatry.
    • Support for health and wellbeing within our community through health promotion activities
    • District Nursing
    • A range of social activities for community members through Club Connection
  • Is there an Emergency Department at BHS?

    No, BHS has an Urgent Care Centre.

  • What is the difference between an Emergency Department and an Urgent Care Centre?

    The Urgent Care Centre at our Acute Unit is not an Emergency Department. Local Emergency Departments at Northeast Health Wangaratta and Albury-Wodonga Health have a higher level of staffing and more complex critical care equipment.

    The Urgent Care Centre is staffed by nurses who are trained in advanced life support. When you attend the Urgent Care Centre, a registered nurse will assess you. Based on the outcome of your assessment, a local doctor may be asked to see you. If your condition requires further investigation, you will be transferred to a regional hospital.

  •   Is there a cost to attend the Urgent Care Centre?

    The Urgent Care Centre is not an Emergency Department. This means you are charged if you see a doctor, which could result in out-of-pocket costs not covered by Medicare.

  • What is the cost of allied health services?

    Fees for allied health services are dependent on a range of factors including your income, if you hold a Department of Veterans Affairs card or if you access Home Support or the National Disability Insurance Scheme. You can talk to the BHS Intake and Assessment Officer to determine the cost of services based on your circumstances.

    Allied health services are free for anybody aged under eighteen.

  • What counselling services are available? Is there a social worker?

    BHS doesn’t have a social worker but we can refer people to local counselling services.

  • Do specialists visit BHS?

    Yes - specialists from the following disciplines visit BHS:

    • Optometrist and Optical Dispenser
    • General Surgeon
    • Gerontologist
    • Adult Mental Health - a community based service supporting people aged between eighteen and sixty-four in their recovery from mental health challenges.
    • Audiology
    • Generalist Counsellor
  • If I see a visiting specialist at BHS, who do I pay for this consultation?

    BHS provides a consulting room only for visiting specialists. The consultation fees and their payment are between yourself and the specialist.

  • Can children be admitted to the Acute Unit?

    The Acute Unit does not have inpatient services for children. Patients admitted to the Acute must be over the age of sixteen. Children can be treated at our Urgent Care Centre.

  • What can the BHS Dietitian assist me with?

    The dietitian helps people manage food related issues including:

    • Food and nutrition
    • Pregnancy and breast-feeding diet
    • Health issues such as diabetes, cholesterol & blood pressure
    • Stomach problems
    • Diarrhoea or constipation
    • Baby and child nutrition
    • Iron levels
    • Overweight, underweight and weight loss
  • Can I hire mobility aids from BHS?

    Yes, we have a range of mobility aids which can be hired for a maximum four week period.

    Please call 03 5728 0200.

  • What transport options does BHS provide?

    BHS provides all transport needs for Acute Unit inpatients and aged care residents.

    BHS does not provide transport for:

    People who have been discharged from the Acute Unit and who need aftercare appointments.

    Community members requiring transport to BHS, the Beechworth Surgery or for “out of town” medical and associated health appointments. There are, however, a range of community transport options available, please ask staff.

    If you attend the Urgent Care Centre and need to be transferred to a regional hospital by ambulance, the cost of ambulance transfer is at your own cost. This cost will be covered if you have Ambulance cover. It is your responsibility to understand what is included in your ambulance cover.

    Ambulance Victoria

    Ambulance NSW

  • Is there an x-ray, medical imaging and ultrasound service at BHS?

    These services are provided by Northeast Health Wangaratta at the Acute Unit. To make a booking, call Northeast Health Wangaratta 03 5722 5001.