The Acacias Residence

The Acacias provides nursing services to those people who are physically impaired and/or experiencing memory loss.

The Acacias Newsletters

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Prospective residents must have a current aged care assessment on a “Aged Care Client Record” form (commonly referred to as a “3020”) undertaken by an aged care assessment service (ACAS). The aged client record form must identify the need for high level care and be less than 12 months old.

Completed and current aged care client record forms are provided to Beechworth Health Service prior to being placed on our waiting list for admission.

All permanent clients are required to enter into a legal agreement prior to admission. We provide prospective clients with a copy of the legal agreement in advance of admission so that they have an opportunity to seek legal advice.

Fees are applicable. All prospective residents will undertake an assessment by Centrelink.

The focus of care following admission is on quality of life and assistance to particpate in activities of daily living as well as the enjoyment of hobbies and general interests.

All accommodation is in single rooms with the majority having a private ensuite although currently some rooms have a shared ensuite. Beechworth Health Services is committed to the ongoing improvement and enhancement of facilities for the benefit of our residents.

We are happy to provide prospective clients and or their carers with a tour of the facilities. This can be arranged by phoning the Director of Clinical Services or the Residential Aged Care Manager on (03) 5728 0200.


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