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Your Goals Your Direct Care

We understand that you are the best expert in your own life and we want to empower and support you to make informed decisions about your healthcare. We do this is by working with you to set your own goals for your health and wellbeing.  By listening to your values, needs and priorities, we can understand what’s important to you and start to talk about how best to support you to reach your goals.

A Goal Directed Care Plan aims to develop a plan for the best care for you by identifying:

  • Goals that are meaningful and important to you, your family and/or your carer
  • The service/s, referrals and connections required
  • Any interventions that may be required
  • A timeline with start and end point and including reviews along the way
  • Other agencies which may help you achieve your goals
  • Who you want to be involved in your planning decisions
  • Whether you consent to your sharing information appropriately

To make an appointment, please call Intake on 03 5728 0200

Our primary health program aims to enable you to meet your health and wellbeing goals. We provide services to the communities of Beechworth, Yackandandah, Tangambalanga and surrounds.

Our Services Available

Allied Health Assistant

Assists the Primary Health Team with programs and client care.

Chronic Disease Management

We offer clients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, health coaching and self management support to set and achieve their goals. If clients see more than one member of our team we are able to meet with the client as care team and work collaboratively to meet client goals.

Club Connection

Operating in Beechworth, Yackandandah and Tangambalanga, Club Connection offers a range of activities that are designed to enhance the daily lives of the community members. Programs include specified interest activities of the participants.

Diabetes Education

Provides clients with diabetes (and carers) support and advice to achieve their health goals.  Our focus is to enable our clients to optimise their health and prevent/manage complications. We also provide education to groups to increase understanding and self-management of diabetes.


Provides assessment and nutritional advice for a range of dietary issues related to health problems. Also provides cross referral with the Diabetes Educator.

Group Programs

After learning your goals our Health Professionals may recommend one of our groups.  We have a wide range of programs available such as cooking healthy meals, falls prevention, exercise for pain relief and better management of chronic diseases.

Health Coaching

Health coaching can be provided to enable you to meet your well being goals.

Health Promotion

Work with individuals, groups and the general community to support and provide a range of health promotion initiatives in response to specific local needs as well as the key national and state health issues.

Occupational Therapy

Provides services to help you achieve your maximum level of independence in your daily tasks.

We can visit your home to give you advice; help with modifications and provide equipment.

Our aim is to keep you safe and confident in your home.


Provides services to clients in Beechworth, Chiltern, Rutherglen, Yackandandah and Tangambalanga.  We see clients who are seeking assistance in managing a range of foot conditions.  Services we provide include: diabetes foot assessments and self management; wound care; foot care and self management for elderly clients; walking assessments; orthotics and footwear advice; nail surgery.

A weekly foot and ankle wound clinic is run at the Beechworth campus.


Provides assessment and treatment of movement disorders and mobility problems for individual clients. Assistance with suitable aids and appliances to assist with mobility, rehabilitation and independence.

Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology services provide assessment and therapy to children aged 0 – 6 years who have difficulties with speech, language, stuttering, voice and social communication.

Referrals can come from parents/guardians, maternal and child health nurses, pre-school teachers and GP’s.

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