Our Direction

The health of our community is the most important thing to us and we attempt to improve this by educating, assisting and encouraging people to assume responsibility for their own health. In partnership with our community, neighbouring health services and project partners we continue on our journey towards our vision of a healthy and vibrant community where individuals have the capacity and potential to manage their own health and improve their physical, mental and social wellbeing.


“Our community is changing. We are suffering more from chronic disease, and we are getting older. We are increasing our expectation of, and demanding more say in health care provided to us or our loved ones.”


- Beechworth Health Service

At Beechworth Health Service we share the following values:


Being courteous and considerate of the diversity and equality of all


Promoting professionalism and openness through honesty, fairness and ethical behaviour.


Promoting flexibility and the exploration of new ideas and methods in everything we do, to reflect the changing needs and expectations of our community


Encouraging participation, collaboration and a common purpose.


Enhancing quality of life while meeting the highest standards of quality, safety and client centred care.

We deliver on our role by being:

  • People wanting to access services at Beechworth Health Service will be able to do so as those services are needed
  • Staff have the requisite skills to be able to provide the planned clinical services
  • Technology is utilised to allow for access to services that aren’t provided at Beechworth Health Service
  • People can access services irrespective of cultural background
  • People can access services irrespective of physical capability
  • Health services are provided as locally as possible
  • We foster the confidence of the community and government through effective and ethical governance practices
  • We develop a stable and committed workforce through fair and equitable employment principles
  • We manage financial resources in a responsible and efficient manner
  • We operate in a manner that minimizes environmental impact
  • We explore opportunities to expand our range of services in accordance with the needs and expectations of the community
  • We ensure that buildings and facilities are able to meet current and future health needs
  • We ensure that care is planned and delivered in accordance with the specific needs of the individual
  • We establish formal partnerships with neighbouring health services to support and enhance the continuous health journey
  • We work in partnership with community groups to address the health needs of all people within the community
  • We are fully engaged with consumers to support their continuous health journey
  • We actively seek the involvement of consumers in decisions about our services
  • We work with others to implement innovative solutions that deliver the most effective health outcomes

We do this through the continual pursuit of:

EXCELLENCE - where we aim higher than the standards that are expected of us in everything we do

BHS Strategic Plan 2015-2018

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BHS Strategic Plan 2015-2018 - Summarised Version

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