Consumer Participation

‘working with consumers to establish what matters most to people about the health care they receive can powerfully shape health status and outcomes through improved service and system developments’


At BHS we know that people want to be partners in their own care and in doing so have a clear say about what really matters to them about their care. BHS also knows, as a care provider, that our greatest asset in providing care is people themselves along with their family and other supports in the community. Being able to work closely with people, through their feedback and input means that BHS can prepare for and respond to care needs at a very individual level, both now and into the future.

BHS has developed a framework and systems for capturing the voice of people engaged in our health services at all levels – from our person centred care approach to service provision, through to consumer involvement in all levels of our strategy, operations, planning and policy development.

People in our community (consumer representatives) are active participants in our clinical committees and we have a Community Advisory Committee that provides a structured partnership between people who use our service and/or carers and the health service organisation.

If you would like to know more or are interested to become a consumer representative please talk to our Community Engagement Officer – Anna Mackinlay.


Our Community Advisory Committee provides a structured partnership between consumers and/or carers and the health service organisation.

A Message from The Community Advisory Committee

Beechworth Health Service (BHS) contributes in many ways to the life of the community it serves. As part of its commitment to seek the views of the community, a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) was established in May 2016. The BHS board of management views the CAC as an integral part of its community engagement focus. Originally the committee met every three months but over time its role has grown to such an extent that meetings are now held monthly over a working lunch.

The committee is made up of individuals from the local community who through personal experience are familiar with most aspects of the health service in one form or another. Our aim is to improve the healthcare experience of the service’s residents, patients, staff and volunteers as well as that of the broader community by advocating where necessary for change. This could be as simple as forwarding opportunities for improvement to other committees or more complex issues; for example finding ways to overcome the present gap that exists for people with a disability who require their own mobility aids to be transported with them when undergoing hospital treatment both within and outside the local community.

We are looking to recruit more community representatives for our committee as this will enable us to continue our valuable contribution to the health service and the wider community. For further information or to discuss the work of the committee, please contact Anna Mackinlay on 5728 0200 or email

Anne Hanson

Community Advisory Committee Member

July 2017

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