Consumer Participation

‘working with consumers to establish what matters most to people about the health care they receive can powerfully shape health status and outcomes through improved service and system developments’


At BHS we know that people want to be partners in their own care and in doing so have a clear say about what really matters to them about their care. BHS also knows, as a care provider, that our greatest asset in providing care is people themselves along with their family and other supports in the community. Being able to work closely with people, through their feedback and input means that BHS can prepare for and respond to care needs at a very individual level, both now and into the future.

BHS has developed a framework and systems for capturing the voice of people engaged in our health services at all levels – from our person centred care approach to service provision, through to consumer involvement in all levels of our strategy, operations, planning and policy development.

People in our community (consumer representatives) are active participants in our clinical committees and we have a Consumer Advisory Committee that provides a structured partnership between people who use our service and/or carers and the health service organisation.

If you would like to know more or are interested to become a consumer representative please talk to our Community Engagement Officer – Anna Mackinlay.


Our Consumer Advisory Committee provides a structured partnership between consumers and/or carers and the health service organization.

The role of the Consumer Advisory Committee

Provide advice, direction and guidance in relation to the integration of consumer, carer and community views into all levels of safety and quality issues, strategic and operational planning

  • provide advice on priority areas and issues from a consumer, carer and  community perspective

Consumer Advisory Committee meetings are monthly at Beechworth Health Service and run for 1.5 hours. If you are facing any barriers to participating in the planned Consumer Advisory meetings we would like to work with you to reduce these barriers.


Beechworth Health Service encourages people from diverse backgrounds to   participate in our Consumer Advisory Committee including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people from different cultural backgrounds and people with disabilities. 


Our consumer representatives have access to relevant orientation and ongoing training to enable them to fulfil their partnership role.

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