Acute Services

The 12 bed Acute unit comprises 6 single and 3 double rooms each with their own ensuite and caters of both public and privately insured patients.

Care is provided to people with medical conditions and those requiring ongoing care post-surgery.

Television sets are located by the bedside and are complimentary for all patients.

The Beechworth Health Service Acute unit consists of 12 acute beds and one Urgent Care bed.

The Acute Unit is staffed by a team of dedicated clinicians and support staff. A comprehensive training and education program is available to staff to assist them to maintain their skills to ensure that they are able to provide excellent care to our patients both now and into the future. Our nursing staff work closely with our GP colleagues to provide the best possible care within our acute unit.

Local GPs provide medical support to our Acute and Urgent Care programs via a Visiting Medical Officer service and through the provision of on-call medical support after hours. On call GP support is also provided from a range of general practices in Wangaratta on alternate weekends. Additionally, for the benefit of patients and clinicians, BHS enjoys a close working relationship with Ambulance Victoria and our regional referral hospitals in Wangaratta and in Albury Wodonga respectively.

Services Listing

Urgent Care Centre

Urgent Care Centres provide initial resuscitation and a limited stabilisation capacity prior to early transfer to a regional or major trauma service BHS’ Urgent Care Centre is located within the Acute Unit and comprises a resuscitation trolley and equipment. It is staffed by Registered Nurses who are trained in Advanced Life Support. Upon presentation patients’ needs are assessed and if the injury or illness is considered serious arrangements will be made to transfer the patient to the nearest regional health service. Generally this is the Wodonga campus of Albury Wodonga Health or Northeast Health Wangaratta.

The centre is supported by local medical staff as well as utilising the Emergency Department of Northeast Health Wangaratta through telehealth facilities.

The Urgent Care Centre is not an Emergency Department and people using this facility and who are seen by a doctor may incur a cost. Similarly costs will apply if ambulance transport is required. These charges are levied by the Medical Practitioner and Ambulance Victoria and not Beechworth Health Service.

Palliative Care

At BHS we adopt a team based, interdisciplinary approach to providing care to a person and their family and/or carer/s. This is done in partnership with the person, their family and the Hume Region palliative care team, local GP’s and Specialist Medical Officers. The involvement of these and other health professionals will be based on what matters to the person with respect to the needs of the person receiving care and how their quality of life can be improved. A palliative care room is available to provide a peaceful and quiet environment for people and their family members. This room contains a kitchenette and sofa bed along with a private garden and sitting area.

Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Beechworth Health Service in collaboration with Gateway Health provides a non –emergency detoxification service for drug and alcohol. People with concurrent psychotic care needs will be assisted by the Withdrawal Nurse to access alternative in-patient support programs. All admissions for drug and alcohol withdrawal will be by arrangement with the Medical Officer on duty in collaboration with the Gateway Health Drug & Alcohol Nurse to ensure optimal outcomes are achieved.

Transition Care Program (TCP)

Three TCP beds are available for use under the Transition Care program, auspice by Albury/Wodonga Health. This is a Commonwealth initiative that provides short-term support and active management for older people as their care needs transition from acute to sub-acute and supported aged care. Its aim is to maximise the health, wellbeing and capability of people experiencing a transition in care needs.

Transition care patients at BHS are case-managed by Albury/Wodonga Health in close working relationships with BHS’s nurses, allied health staff and local GPs.

Contact Albury Wodonga Health (TCP) on 02 6051 7625

Using Private Health Insurance

BHS offers a no gap service for patients who elect to use their private health insurance during their hospital stay. This means that there are no out of pocket expenses as Beechworth Health Service will cover any co-payments arising from your stay.

By electing to be admitted as a private patient you are actively supporting the health service.

Visiting Times

There are generally no restrictions on visiting hours subject to the wishes of patients and family members.

A Quiet Time applies from 1:00-3:00pm and whilst visiting is permitted we do ask visitors to be mindful of the noise restrictions during this time.

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